Hot water extraction

$200 starting price

Steam Cleaning

$100 starting price

Leather seat conditioning

$6 per seat/ $30 for 5

Fabric/ upholstery/ leather seats shampooed  

$50 starting price

Advanced conditioning treatment  


Floor mats shampooed & sanitized

$15 per mat/ $40 for 4

Carpets shampooed & sanitized (includes floor mats)  

$60 starting price

Pet hair removal  

$40 starting price

Child car seat cleaning    

$30 starting price

Odor removal

Procedure's and price varies based on condition

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Iron & Fallout Removal , Tree Sap , Tar , etc.

Heavy Paint Decontamination Service

$100 starting price

Polish Treatment

( Paint, metal, chrome, aluminum , etc. )

$100 / hour

Radiant Wax Polish 

$50 starting price

Clay Treatment

$70 starting price

Trim Shine/ Restoration

$40 starting price

Engine Bay Detail

$150 starting price

3D Poxy Paint Sealant

$80 starting price

Wheel Wax

$20 Per Wheel / $60 For 4

Butter Wax

$30 starting price

Headlight Restoration

(Complete wet sanding, buffing  & sealing of headlights with state of the art polymers. Restores, brightens & protects the dullest & foggiest  of headlights. Improves nighttime vision.)

$40 / $60

Water Spot Removal

Removal of water calcification on exterior of vehicle.

$80 starting Price

1 Step Paint Correction

Traditionally named paint buff , or machine paint polish. Intended for removal of stains and marring of paint.

$500 starting price

2 Step Paint Correction

1 step rotary polish for removal minor imperfections of swirls. 1 step finishing polish.

1k starting price

3 Step Paint Correction

1 step color sanding for removal of deep scratches. 1 step rotary polish for removal minor imperfections of swirls. 1 step finishing polish.

2k starting price

Premium Ceramic Coating/s

(A liquid polymer that applied by hand to the  exterior of the vehicle. The coating chemically bonds with the vehicle's factory paint creating a  layer of protection anywhere from 1.5-5 years)

1.5k starting price

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